Need an extra energy boost while running?

Well, running gels are the go-to option for any runner that needs refuelling during their run. They are light and easy to carry in a running belt or tucked along the top of your shorts for easy access. Gels are easy to use, and offer instant carbs for that boost of energy when you need it most in a pleasant gel liquid that comes in a variety of flavours. Despite the variety and choices, they all have the same purpose, to help refuel you during your run, bike ride etc. Some gels need to be taken with water unless it is isotonic, which means it already comes with water allowing the carbs in the get to be absorbed quickly by the gut, for that rapid boost in energy. There are so many brands and flavours available, so it’s worth experimenting to see which ones work for you. We all have our own fuelling routine on the morning of a race, and we will cover this is greater detail under the nutrition section, but as a rule of thumb as an example I would have a light breakfast two and a half hours before say a 10K, then a gel 20minutes before the start with a small amount of water (assuming you are already well hydrated). This will help the gel get absorbed into your gut quickly. You could even take an isotonic gel 30-minutes into the run for that extra energy boost.

This is a cycling video about gel, and worth watching.